Construction Aggregates

20mm All In Gravel20mm All In Gravel

Primarily used as the base component to produce a robust concrete with the addition of water and cement.

10mm Pea Gravel10mm Pea Gravel

This small gauge gravel is ideal for pipe bedding and drainage applications. It is also selected for use as a decorative gravel.

20mm Gravel20mm Gravel

Twice the size of the “Pea Gravel” but it suits the same tasks when a course material is preferred.

40mm Gravel40mm Gravel

The largest gauge gravel we stock which typically is employed on large drainage projects such as field drains.

Reject Gravel

Even the camera rejected it and we could not get a photograph. A versatile low cost filler, favored by farmers for field gateways.

Concreting SandConcreting Sand

This course sand has a number of uses. Combined with gravel, cement and water for concrete. Use with cement and water to produce screed for floors or as a bed for flags.

Plastering SandPlastering Sand

Used to produce a render for external walls.

Building SandBuilding Sand

Combine with cement and water to produce a mortar for brick and block building.

As Dug SandAs Dug Sand

An unprocessed sand ideal general fill or bedding pipes.


The perfect bonding agent for our sands and gravel.

Sub BaseSub Base

Need hard standing or a base for a road then this is for you.

Terram MembraneTerram

Lay this woven material under decorative aggregates and it will help prevent weed growth from below while still allowing water to pass through.

Crusher RunCrusher Run

This material is a large gauge 4″ – 6″ and is ideal to make soft ground more stable  i.e. hard standings and roads.


Once compacted this fine gauge material will provide an excellent surface for paths. Favored by Golf Courses.

Top SoilTop Soil

This top soil can contain stones and other debris but will provide and excellent growing base. For gardening applications we recommend topping with “screened soil”.

Screened SoilScreened Soil

This soil has had practically all the large stones removed making an ideal surface for that new lawn or flower bed.