Decorative Aggregates

20mm Decorative Gravel20mm Decorative Gravel

Taken from the river bed this 20mm grade is the smaller of the two options of Decorative Gravel that we stock.

40mm Decorative Gravel40mm Decorative Gravel

Also originating from the river bed the 40mm grade is the larger variation of Decorative Gravel that we offer.

Golden GravelGolden Gravel

A mix of flint and rounded stones with a predominant golden colour.

Red ChippingsRed Chippings

Our Red Chippings are produced from a distinctive red granite.

Yellow ChippingsYellow Chippings

The rich yellow colour of these chippings make them a popular choice.

White ChippingsWhite Chippings

This light coloured stone is produced from limestone.

Blue Grey ChippingsBlue/Grey Chippings

The colouration of these chippings make them an excellent choice to sit along side lakeland stone.

Grey DalbeattieGrey Dalbeattie

This ancient granite is predominantly grey with dark flecks and a subtle tinge of pink.

20mm Buff Gravel20mm Buff Gravel

Like the Decorative Gravel this Buff version also comes from the river bed.

Top SoilTop Soil

This top soil can contain stones and other debris but will provide and excellent growing base. For gardening applications we recommend topping with “screened soil”.

Screened SoilScreened Soil

This soil has had practically all the large stones removed making an ideal surface for that new lawn or flower bed.

Terram MembraneTerram

Lay this woven material under decorative aggregates and it will help prevent weed growth from below while still allowing water to pass through.