From our base at Carlisle Airport we operate through out the North West of England, the North East of England, South West Scotland and the Borders. With 44- tonners, 32- tonners, 26-tonners and a Pickup we can haul bulk orders of hundreds of tons of sand, gravel and aggregate or just deliver decorative gravel to a domestic customer for their garden path. The company specialises in transporting mass quantities of sand, gravel, aggregates and road stone to supply major companies like Tarmac and Hanson (as well that assortment of decorative coloured chipping to domestic customers). "Anything that will go into the back of a tipper wagon," goes the motto, "well transport it!".

This motto may need some work as we have expanded our capabilities by adding bulk fluid tankers and a concrete mixer, to the fleet. This has taken our much personalised service to new market sectors where long term business has already been secured.